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500 Job Applicants? Be #1 with an Online Portfolio.


3 Key Benefits of An Online Portfolio

✓ Stand Out In A Crowded Field of Job Applicants

✓ Visually Organize All Your Documents

✓ Not Just for Graduates, But Ideal for All Workers or Students


 The Portfolio Creation Process

Our unique, 5-step portfolio process will ensure that your portfolio project is a seamless experience.




After your initial consultation, we’ll create a client portal so you can interact easily with our team throughout the design process. The portal will allow you to upload items, view drafts, schedule calls, and more.



The most important part of you portfolio will be the curating of objects or skills which document your background. We’ll teach you how to gather objects of your work for easy upload.



As you upload items our professional designers will create your online portfolio so you can view progress day to day in real-time.



Once your site is complete, you’ll have an opportunity to review and suggest revisions. We can change fonts, colors, and move around the order of your portfolio items until you are happy with the final design.



On launch day we’ll connect your new domain name and teach you how to edit your site. For Premium and Prolific plans, we’ll also complete analytics setup. Then you can share your LIVE portfolio and start getting noticed!


 Plans & Pricing



2 Payments of $1000
1-2 Week Turnaround

✓ Online Portfolio Creation
Up to 12 Portfolio Items

✓ Portfolio Selection Guide

✓ Custom Domain Setup

✓ Social Media Integration


✓ Squarespace Training

✓ Custom Domain Email Setup



2 Payments of $1500
3-4 Week Turnaround

✓ Online Portfolio Creation
Up to 30 Portfolio Items & 5 Categories

✓ Blog Setup & Training

✓ SEO Setup

✓ Social Media Integration


✓ Portfolio Selection Guide

✓ Domain Name Selection

✓ Squarespace Training

✓ Custom Domain Email Setup

✓ Social Media Integration



2 Payments of $2000
3-4 Week Turnaround

✓ Online Portfolio Creation
Up to 60 Portfolio Items & 10 Categories

✓ Blog Setup & Training

✓ Google Analytics Setup

✓ Analytics Training


✓ Portfolio Selection Guide

✓ Domain Name Selection

✓ Squarespace Training

✓ Custom Domain Email Setup

✓ Social Media Integration

✓ SEO Setup

Graduate Portfolios Pricing Grid


Special rates offered for the creation of portfolios for schools (ie, an entire class of MBA, MS, Phd or other students).





Each maintenance plan includes small / reasonable edits, tweaks, additions, subtractions to your portfolio for up to 2 hours a month.

$100 monthly


$1000 annually




✓ Custom graphics / info-graphics

✓ Custom projects  (ie, taking you resume and making it into a timeline visual deck)

✓ Turning student / employee projects into decks

✓ Online ad integration (ie, promoting your portfolio on Google Adwords, FB Ads/Pixel, LinkedIn Ads, etc.)

✓ Monthly blogging for your site to better promote your portfolio via SEO/SEM

✓ Other writing work / projects (personal essays, resume editing, etc.)

✓ Mailing list / Newsletter setup

✓ Podcast creation / posting

✓ Additional SquareSpace training


“Amazing! I think it’s a great resource to have and a different way to visualize your experience in a terrific way.”


More Kind Words

“This is a GREAT idea!”

Director, Graduate Career Services

I could easily see there being demand from other grad students.”

Career Services Counselor

“A virtual portfolio will make you a memorable candidate. It’s an opportunity to set you apart from the crowd.”

Director, Information Technology, Amazon Robotics




What kind of portfolio items should I have?

You should upload any images or documents that highlight your professional experience. We have a helpful blog post that outlines examples of portfolio items you can add.

Read More

What if I want help making changes to my portfolio after it’s launched?

No problem! Not only do we offer a Squarespace training as part of your original project, but you can purchase our maintenance plan if you want our team to make updates for you.


Do I need to have my portfolio content ready before I book?

Absolutely, not! In fact, the second part of our process is to help you select the right items to make sure your online portfolio gets noticed.

Can I connect my LinkedIn page to my website?

Yes! Our Prolific plan includes social media integration so your LinkedIn profile will be linked right on your website menu. We can also add this option to any of the other plans for an additional fee.